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Tin Men have the equipment and resources required to handle a wide range of demolition work. The ability of our collection vehicles to handle many materials allow us to focus on fast and reliable service.

We span all aspects of demolition, salvage and resource recovery, across the commercial, industrial and residential sectors. We deliver projects of every size and complexity. Our integrated supply chain saves you time and cost while minimising your carbon footprint. 

Commercial Demolition

Demolition is a critical component of large scale commercial projects, We eliminate that risk by engaging our extensive experience, and having access to an extensive selection of appropriate machinery and plant..

Industrial Demolition

From effective site management through to innovative equipment and resource recovery, we're on the cutting edge of industrial demolition.

Residential Demolition

With a vast portfolio of residential projects, We are experts at assessing customer needs, and managing the complete demolition, salvage and waste removal process.